Collaborate, invest, exchange,

all in one place.

The platform for entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts & corporates to work together to solve real problems.

What is Aspirent?

We're obsessively passionate about bringing individuals from different walks of life to solve problems together. It's in our DNA.

Our mission is to help people to come together to achieve a common goal using our app to connect, collaborate and co-create, all in one platform.


A network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and

corporates working together to solve real business problems.


Trade resources and work together with entrepreneurs, corporates and startups. Create collaboration partnerships on our unique platform.


Innovate with the help of entrepreneurs & corporates to solve real problems. create investment in startups where you see the highest return.

Meet the team

The team at Aspirent is ready to help get your business to the next level. Coming from a wide array of backgrounds, every single member is knowledgeable, well-connected and eager to turn your idea into a thriving business.

Cameron Johnson

Founder and CEO 


Basel Juneidi

Co-founder and COO


Nick Shaw



Maria Brock CBO

(Germany EU)

Luis Ariza

Data Scientist

(San Fran, US)

Jordania Pereyra

Web Developer

New York, US

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